Research School in Computer-based Medical Systems

In 2015, CBMS will have a special day, dedicated to young researchers and students in the field of Computing and Medicine, the Research School in Computer-based Medical Systems (RS-CBMS2015), designed by the Organizing and Program Committees of CBMS 2015. The activities of RS-CBMS2015 encompasses:

  1. The mini-courseAnalysis of Shape, Texture, and Oriented Patterns in Biomedical Images ”, presented by Prof. Rangaraj M. Rangayyan from University of Calgary, Canada.
  2. The keynote speechAdvances and Progresses in Hospital Information Systems ”, presented by Prof. Marco Antonio Gutierrez from University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  3. Poster Presentations of the papers accepted at the Workshop for Ongoing Projects (WoP) Track.

Mini-course – “ Analysis of Shape, Texture, and Oriented Patterns in Biomedical Images

University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Adjunct Professor, Departments of Surgery and Radiology

This mini-course provides an introduction to the various types of shape, texture, and oriented patterns encountered in biomedical images.

Methods to represent and process information related to shapes and contours of objects will be described, including signatures of contours, chain coding, segmentation of contours, polygonal modeling of contours, parabolic modeling of contours, thinning, and skeletonization. Methods to derive shape factors, such as compactness, moments, chord-length statistics, Fourier descriptors, fractional concavity, and speculation index, will be described.

Models for the generation of random, ordered, and oriented texture will be described. Methods for statistical and structural analysis of texture, fractal analysis, and analysis of texture in the Fourier domain will be presented. Procedures for directional filtering in the Fourier domain and Gabor filters for the analysis of oriented patterns as well as measures of directional distribution for the analysis of oriented texture will be explained.

Several applications will be demonstrated, including analysis of calcifications, masses, asymmetry, and architectural distortion in mammograms, as well as analysis of healing of ligaments via remodeling of collagen and blood vessels.

Reference: R. M. Rangayyan, “ Biomedical Image Analysis ”, CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL. 1,306 pages. 2005. ISBN 0-8493-9695-6.

Lecture Notes: